Nestled Clutter

Organizing the Chaos

Viraji Ogodapola
6 min readDec 5, 2020
Stones — Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

Thoughts fathomable and unwholesome
Rising random ‘n in sporadic passels
Shocked, I’d be much, if I were to see
Tales spun in on my matted labyrinth gray!

Fortunately for us, the aforesaid clutter is not of the visible kind. Clearing such mind clutter is continued work-in-progress, should you care to bother, that is.

The tangible clutter moldering right before our eyes on the other hand can be attended to, if you want to, that is.

And as for the clutter, it has become increasingly difficult to locate a specific piece now with its display settings changed, that by the time you reach what you were looking for, you’d have managed to forget what it was that you were looking for.

This, therefore, is an attempt at organizing my work into categories so as to avoid tricking my fellow poet friends into reading boring technical articles and vice versa. Hopefully, now you will get to pick and read only what you want.

Thank you all for being part of this community and for the immense inspiration you bring along!


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Viraji Ogodapola

ashes dusted away in morph, in that moment next I’d be.. for now, here I am, grappling in just being..