Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Though by day, all is right
’Tis by night that heart is home
Withered, wilted, weathered away
Seeking light for one more day

Pleasure, Pain ‘n Numbness in between
Atop the mountains so high and green
Beneath the crashing waves of blue
Thru shades of sunset melancholy hued

Draw me near, draw me dear,
Beyond boundaries drawn of fear
Toss ‘n turn, yours to please
’Tis you I seek, solace in peace

Never did you flinch, ever failed me flat
The Time it mattered, and mattered not
In my rags to when heart is heightened tall
Solace you were to me… thru moments of all

In time you fade never away
Lying still in me hideaway
’Tis you, that is my slumberless solace
Me, Myself and My Soul at Peace!