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Lifelong Friends (source:

Psst.. I think it’s time now,
This time for sure, I know..
Hold my heart, let go of my hand
And do jot down some eulogy for me.. Please!

-Don’t cook lunch
- Get milk rice for brunch
- Lie down still, I’ll check on the pills
- It’s just the heart bleeding, among other drills!

Think he’ll miss me? It just slipped by me!
Tell me the code words again
For how do I tap in, when gone
And tell the girls I tried… please!

-SloMo, the snail that ate my plants
- Mark, the fictional boyfriend we shared
- Almásy, the Patient English
- Who married neither You nor Me!

Your words are a Penny’s worth
I’d die just to hear you snap me back
You know You mean much, don’t You?!
The girls will never know A friend like You!

-For sure he’ll miss the nagging and yelling
- Told you, he’s the one who’ll cry sobbing
- You did well, I can be proud
- Try the higher realm, next time around

Wait, don’t write the eulogy just yet
For it arrived, the much awaited text
DND now, lemme devour and relish
A little bit of lure before I perish

-Right, let the heart wander, I’ll be here for the soul-searching hour
- But did you not have a date with Nirvana, the very end?!
- Girls will be fine, they’ll know we tried
- The day they yell at their own kind

Oh btw, doc says it’s not cancer in the breast
Just a lump in the heart, sore to the very crest

-Oh how nice, what can be worse!
- Sleep tight, we’ll do it just right.

Good friends write our eulogies while we live. Every day. Keeping a tab on our lives, dreams and missions, just in case we detour.

ashes dusted away in morph, in that moment next I’d be.. for now, here I am, grappling in just being..