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  • Saad Sahibjan

    Saad Sahibjan

    Software Engineer @ Entgra.io | WSO2 Committer

  • Jenine Bsharah Baines

    Jenine Bsharah Baines

    “Poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” Leonardo da Vinci "…poetry, the achievement of beauty and delicacy.” Somerset Maugham. Enough said. The End.

  • Sally A Mortemore

    Sally A Mortemore

    Actor/Voice Over Artist living in London https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=168377553218147&ref=content_filter

  • Janaka Stagnaro

    Janaka Stagnaro

    Poetry, parables, articles — spiritual, life-lessons, education, artwork. 9 books. www.janakasartandbooks.com www.mindfulness-meditation-techniques.com

  • Jesse M. Gonzalez

    Jesse M. Gonzalez

    Poetry and prose and lyrics https://www.buymeacoffee.com/J.M.Gonzalez

  • Alan Asnen

    Alan Asnen

    Possessor of Paul Newman eyes. Author of the straightforward & strange. “Women zai shuo ba.” Be useful; share what you can; help others always. Doctor of texts.

  • Vic Spandrio

    Vic Spandrio

    Australian writer based in Amsterdam, NL.

  • Lori Lamothe

    Lori Lamothe

    Journalist & poet. I cover cold cases & unsolved mysteries on Medium, NewsBreak & Substack. 150K+ views. Subscribe for free: https://coldcasefiles.substack.com

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